Building Inspection, Adelaide- The Ultimate Property Specialists

I have been living in the city for the last ten years, even since I was an undergraduate student at the University of Adelaide. This is the reason why I decided that it was time to have a place of my own. One Sunday afternoon, I was browsing through the property advertisement columns in a local newspaper. Soon I came across an advertisement about an old house located in the city’s suburbs. I than contacted the concerned real estate agent, who was in charge of selling the property. The telephonic conversation I had with this gentleman lasted a couple of minutes. During that time, I arranged to see him and have a tour of the building.

The following week I met the real estate agent in his office, where he explained the details of the house and its ownership. He explained that the previous owner was a widower, who had died three years back. As per his will, the house had passed to his only son, who was living abroad. The son was in urgent need of finance, so he decided to sell the property. The tour of the house took place in that afternoon. The house was located in a friendly neighbourhood, which boosted a good public school and a market. The house was also well connected by both road and rail. As compared to other residential properties in the area, house was rather cheap but the exterior and the interior needed to be renovated.

For me, buying a residential house is a one time investment. This meant that I was not willing to take any chances. Luckily for me, one of my office colleagues had told me about home inspection companies. That evening after work, I logged on to Google, to find out what type of services they had to offer. I was impressed by the extent of services they offer, their track record as well as their testimonials. Moreover, these companies employ qualified architects, surveyors and builders. So they know every aspect of building construction inside out. Beside their legal department could easily gather information on whether the property taxes have been paid on a regular basis or not.


The following day, I visited their offices in Adelaide and spoke to one of their specialists. He asked me about the property I intended to buy and what type of services I was seeking. On hearing my side of the story, he explained the problems associated with such properties. Nevertheless, he agreed to accompany me to the proposed house. Building inspection companies in Adelaide are registered with local authorities in Adelaide. This means that the authenticity of any inspection report issued by these specialists can never doubted by anyone. Looking at the property, the specialist gave me a detailed report. Building inspection report provided an extensive, detailed analysis of the structural condition of the property. The building, according to the report was basically well maintained but plumbing and electrical wiring needed immediate overhauling.  On the whole the house was safe to live in and the heating systems were also adequate, according to the report. On the basis of this report, I went ahead with my purchase.